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Are you ready for the ultimate idle dungeon crawler game?

Delve into Dungeon Dwarves and start on an endless adventure. Tap your way through the deep dungeons, fight as a team, upgrade your abilities and weapons, loot chests for gold, and show them what Dwarves are really made of!


Adventure and discovery is the name of the game! New and exciting dungeons await to be explored. You never know what’s around the next corner when you are down in the deeps.


Your special team of Dwarves each have their own abilities that can devastate everything from stones and gems to monsters and MONSTERS! These abilities range from heavy weapon strikes on objects to dealing damage on multiple enemy tiles.


While leveling up your characters is fun, getting a big boost from a wicked new weapon is a real WOW moment! Power up your party by upgrading and collecting new gear along the way.


Unlock loot boxes of weapons and armor throughout the mines and dungeons, as well as mounds of gold, jewels and more. Great things come in small sizes so keep your eyes peeled for these drops.


Dwarves don't always get along but a clan is family. They stick together through thick and thin to complete their epic quest together. Keep your Dwarves powered up because you are only as strong as your weakest member.


Even while away, the Dwarves are digging deeper into the dungeons, full of mystery and wonder. Take on epic monsters and bosses in these endless dungeons.

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