Fan Content Policy

Last Updated: January 2022

The entire team here at Hyper Hippo is honoured by the level of interest shown by the community in our games and our company. We also love the stuff you create and want to encourage you to create websites, artwork and other content (let’s call this “Fan Content”) based on our games, names, artwork, videos, music, sound effects, characters, logos and other intellectual property (to keep things simple we’ll refer to these things as “Hyper Hippo IP”).

At the same time, we need to protect what we’ve worked so hard to create. In most cases, using Hyper Hippo IP without our express permission is a violation of our intellectual property rights so we created this fan content policy (this “Policy”) to explain what stuff you can create using Hyper Hippo IP.

Please read this Policy before creating any Fan Content. We reserve the right to change this Policy at any time by posting a revised Policy to our website. We ask that any existing Fan Content that no longer complies with this Policy due to a change in the Policy be taken down or modified to be compliant with this Policy.


1. Our stuff… is ours! Avoid making people think what you’re doing is official, approved or endorsed by us, or associated or connected with us in any way.

2. Respect others. You’re not allowed to make anything unlawful, obscene, harmful, deceptive, disparaging, defamatory or invasive of anyone’s privacy rights. For example, avoid using anyone’s name or likeness.

3. Keep it clean. We’re not okay with anything that contains sexually explicit or suggestive materials, violence, discrimination, illegal activities, or any other objectionable content. That includes drugs, alcohol, tobacco products, gambling, weapons or political ads.

4. Respect us. You’re not permitted to do anything that would harm or damage the value, reputation or goodwill of Hyper Hippo or any Hyper Hippo IP.

5. No co-branding. Don’t use any Hyper Hippo IP in connection with any third party intellectual property. For example, we don’t want you to create any Fan Content featuring collaborations with other video game companies.

6. Use disclaimers. Please display the following disclaimer in connection with your Fan Content:

“This material is not official and is not endorsed by Hyper Hippo. For more information, see Hyper Hippo’s Fan Content Policy: ”

7. Using Hyper Hippo IP. If you want to use our game names, brands, themes, taglines, features, music, colours, textures, or characters (or anything confusingly similar to those things) (let’s call these “Assets”) as part of your Fan Content, then:

(a) don’t using Assets to identify or promote you or any other products or business; and

(b) don’t use Assets in the name of a website or domain name unless it is clear that the website is not an official Hyper Hippo website.

8. Videos/ Streams. Feel free to create and distribute Fan Content in the form of videos and streams monetized via ads, subscriptions, donations, or sponsors, but if we think the ads or sponsors you use aren’t appropriate for Hyper Hippo audiences or consistent with the spirit and tone of Hyper Hippo, we may ask you to take them down.

9. Games/ Apps. Please don’t use Hyper Hippo IP in games or apps.

10. Making Money. We love a good rags to riches story and are cool with you creating and selling physical Fan Content, but only if:

(a) you are an individual, we are not cool with corporations selling or making money off of Hyper Hippo IP;


(b) it incorporates a unique, original design that adds enough personal creativity to make it distinctive (a “Fan Design”);

(c) you don’t sell more than fifty (50) product items using the same (or a substantially similar) Fan Design;

(d) you make it clear who the seller and manufacturer are, that the seller and manufacturer are not Hyper Hippo and are not associated with or supported by Hyper Hippo;

(e) you comply with all applicable laws and requirements; and

(f) you earn no more than $10,000 USD in any calendar year from selling such products under this policy.

We reserve the right to determine what kind of Fan Content we are okay with and can revoke your permission to create Fan Content for any reason and at any time. We want to get along, but Hyper Hippo IP is really important to us and we’ll enforce this Policy by calling our lawyers if we need to.


When using Hyper Hippo IP for Fan Content, your use is subject to our Terms of Use, though in the event a term of this Policy conflicts with a term of the Terms of Use, this Policy takes precedence with respect to any issues related to Fan Content.

Hyper Hippo may use your Fan Content without compensation to you in any manner we consider reasonable, including in our marketing activities. More precisely, you agree that we may use, improve or modify your Fan Content on a royalty-free, non-exclusive, irrevocable, transferable, sub-licensable and worldwide basis, for any purpose and without having to credit you, obtain your approval, or pay you anything. You agree to irrevocably waive your moral rights in your Fan Content in favor of Hyper Hippo and for the full term of such rights.