Achievement Unlocked: 2023 In Review

A Look Back at the Highlights, Challenges, and Moments Of Joy from 2023

A Message from our CEO:

To our Amazing Hyper Hippo Community;

As we close out 2023, I want to take a moment to reflect on our journey together. At Hyper Hippo, transparency is at the heart of how we operate. It’s a core value that means being committed to listening and being open with each other, and it’s with this spirit that I share a look back at the past year.

I found 2023 to be a hard year to navigate. The challenges of 2023 tested the resilience of our Hippo Team, our industry, and our communities. The games industry has faced its share of challenges, and so have we. The continued impacts of Apple’s IDFA, Unity’s pricing debacle, increasing costs of compliance, geopolitical nightmares, adjusting to shifting algorithms and increasing costs – these are just some of the many challenges we grappled with this past year. I had planned on higher revenue growth from new games in 2023, which looking back, despite the monumental effort by the Hippo Team, was a mistake on my part. This led to our regrettable position where we needed to reduce our team size to survive. It meant parting ways with some incredibly talented individuals who were doing beautiful work. To them, we extend our deepest gratitude and best wishes.

In the face of these challenges, we’ve also celebrated significant wins. Our AdVenture franchise continues to expand as our amazing Hippo Team prepares it for its 10th Year on mobile! This is exceptional! While we continue to grow the AdVenture franchise, we continue to actively develop new idle games. Our Dungeon Dwarves game was a top performing idle game on Netflix this year, highlighting how we have grown in our ability to localize games for new markets. The recent addition of our brand new AdCom web store, in partnership with Xsolla, is also exciting as it reflects ways we are connecting more directly with our players and working to provide players better value in their Hyper Hippo game experience. The year ended off with a nice bonus, with Hyper Hippo being recognized with a BC Export Award in the Digital Media & Entertainment category, due largely to our titles being installed over 80 million times globally. These achievements are testaments to our team’s creativity, hard work, and dedication to pushing boundaries.

Our curiosity remains our guiding light. It’s this spirit of exploration and innovation that’s at the core of our successes. As we venture into 2024, we are excited for the new learning opportunities it promises. Our goal is unwavering: to continue crafting engaging, joy-filled experiences for our audience worldwide. You will see more game content in our AdVenture franchise, and you will see new game ideas from us that we hope you try and let us know what you think.

I am incredibly proud of what we’ve accomplished and eager to see where our shared curiosity takes us next. Thank you for being an integral part of our journey.

With gratitude,
Sam Fisher, CEO

2023 At-A-Glance


That’s over 40 million hours played by 3,541,585 players. Excellent work, investors! You’ve squeezed those lemons into a goldmine of lemonade and made it to the 1%, let’s celebrate!


Supreme Leader and T.T.O.M are proud to report that more than 2.6 million players in AdCom and AdAges turbocharged their progress, unlocking 27,840,462 new ranks. Congratulations, comrades and agents–that’s what we call smart tapping!


February’s Motherland Games was a top performing event in 2023, with 161,298 comrades who smashed through 31 ranks, unlocked 22 generators, and teamed up with 34 exclusive, juiced-up researchers. Superb job, comrades!


That’s $ spent supporting our Hippos to invest in themselves, from training and education, to conferences and coaching.


Our incredible Player Experience team personally responded to over 35,000 quests for assistance and support in 2023!


That includes $11 000 of matching donations, doubling the impact to causes that are near and dear to our team members’ hearts.


That’s paid time our distributed team members took away from work to make a difference in their local communities, for causes that are important to them.


That’s over 372 hours spent on exciting learning adventures that expanded our team’s horizons, helping them grow and develop in ways that are meaningful for them.

Highs & Lows

⚡Power-Ups: Wins, Milestones, and Highlights

A highlight of 2023 for us was the launch of our AdCom webstore, in partnership with Xsolla. Catering to players in over 140 regions and accommodating 181+ payment methods, the webstore launch was a significant milestone for our team that has connected us more closely with our global audience.

Our global presence was further recognized when we were awarded a BC Export Award in Digital Media and Entertainment, a milestone that underscores our impact on the international stage. The export of original IP is a true team effort, and we are deeply honoured to have been recognized as a leader in this field in BC.

In 2023, we also said farewell to our Gastown, Vancouver office hub. While saying goodbye was bittersweet, this marked an exciting new chapter in our journey by allowing us to embrace a more flexible and sustainable approach to distributed work. It also provided an opportunity for us to give back, through a substantial equipment donation to the Center for Digital Media in Vancouver. Being able to empower the next generation of tech talent was definitely a highlight of the year for us!

🗺️ Side Quests: Challenges and Learning Opportunities

While we are proud of our achievements, our journey over the past year has been equally shaped by the challenges we–and others in the industry–have faced. And, in 2023, we encountered some hurdles that tested our resilience and adaptability.

A significant industry-wide challenge came with the introduction of IDFA limitations on mobile devices. This change in user data tracking policy redefined our approach to advertising and user engagement, pushing us to innovate in a privacy-first environment. Balancing effective marketing while respecting user privacy was a complex puzzle, but one that taught us invaluable lessons in adaptability.

Another reality we grappled with was increased competition for users’ attention, at a time when gaming was declining as the world opened up again after the COVID-19 pandemic. Standing out in a sea of both gaming and non-gaming apps required us to think creatively and focus on what truly resonated with our audience. It also served as a reminder that our industry is as much influenced by global trends as it is by our creativity.

These combined challenges, alongside others, led us to one of the toughest decisions of the year – reducing our team size to maintain competitiveness. This move, while necessary, meant parting ways with some incredibly talented team members. Our accomplishments over the past year would not have been possible without the efforts of every team member who was a part of our story in 2023, and we are deeply appreciative of their contributions.

Through these trials, we’ve persevered but also evolved. Each challenge has been a catalyst for learning, pushing us to innovate and grow. We’ve honed our skills, tightened our focus, and strengthened our resolve. As we move forward, we carry these lessons with us – a testament to our team’s tenacity in a dynamic and competitive industry.

Community Corner

Some of the true highlights of our work are the interactions we have with our player community. From feedback to fan art, we are always delighted to learn what connects you to our games, and see how you expand on our worlds with your imagination and creativity.

To close out this look back at 2023, we’ve gathered some of our favourite interactions you’ve shared with us that have brightened our days over the past year!

Looking Ahead

Every step we’ve taken this year, every achievement, has been a learning opportunity, bringing us closer to our core mission: making a positive impact through our games. As we look forward to 2024, we’re excited about the new possibilities and continued growth. Together, we’re not just creating games; we’re creating experiences that resonate and bring joy to people’s lives. Here’s to a future filled with innovation, collaboration, and exceptional gaming experiences!

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