We create
moments of joy.

Delighting the world, player by player.

What makes us Hyper?

Maybe it’s the excitement of knowing that anything is possible. It could be the energy of everyone sharing ideas and running with them, doing what we love as part of a team that works hard at playing together, even when we’re far apart. Hey, we’re gamers. We’re used to it. We’ve grown up just enough to combine the spirit of an indie shop with the resources and experience of a AAA game studio. Talented people come from both worlds to make a positive impact on culture by bringing millions of people around the world together in the name of fun.

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Live the Hippo Lifestyle!

Are you always tinkering, trying new things, and learning? Then you would make a great Hippo. We’re a studio that loves to try new things, learn from getting things wrong, and celebrate the things we get right!


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